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Canadian Industrial Distributors Inc.
Address: C1-300 Baig Blvd
Moncton, NB
E1E 1C8
Telephone: (506) 853-1912
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Products: Compressors: breathing air; Couplings: firehose; Couplings: hose; Couplings: pipe; Couplings: pneumatic; Couplings: quick disconnect; Couplings: self-sealing; Couplings: stainless steel; Discs: abrasive; Drill bits; Drills: air machining; Drills: combined drill & countersink; Drills: electric (portable; Drills: masonry; Dryers: air; Dryers: compressed air; Fasteners: drywall; Fasteners: insulation; Fasteners: masonry; Fasteners: metal; Fasteners: plastic; Fasteners: roofing; Fasteners: stainless steel; Fasteners: steel; Filters: air; Filters: air compressor; Filters: air line; Fireproofing compounds; Fittings: pneumatic; Flooring supplies; Foam; Foam: polyurethane; Gaskets: fibreglass; Grinders: die; Grinders: disc; Grinders: electric; Grinders: pneumatic; Grinders: portable; Guns: air; Guns: blow; Hammers: chipping; Hammers: electric; Hammers: pneumatic; Hoists: air; Hoists: cable; Hoists: chain; Hoists: drum & barrel; Hoists: electric; Hoists: hand & power; Hoists: lever ratchet; Hoists: pneumatic; Hoists: winch; Hose assemblies: air; Hose fittings; Hose reels; Hoses: air; Hoses: air tool; Hoses: braided; Hoses: coiled; Hoses: custom-made; Hoses: paint spraying; Hoses: pneumatic; Hoses: rubber; Hoses: self-storing; Ink: stamping, marking & stencil; Insulating materials: plastic; Insulating materials: refrigeration; Insulation products; Insulation sleeves: duct; Insulation: fire resistant & retardant; Insulation: mineral wool; Insulation: pipe; Lubricating systems; Lubricators: air compressor; Lubricators: automatic air line; Lubricators: pneumatic air line; Lubricators: pneumatic tool; Machinery: fish processing; Machinery: packaging; Machinery: strapping; Machinery: woodworking; Machines: band sawing, horizontal & vertical; Machines: boring; Machines: food packaging; Machines: pallet stretch wrap; Machines: stretch wrap; Machines: woodworking; Nipples: brass; Nipples: hose; Nipples: pipe; Oilers: air line; Packaging machinery: bag closing & sealing; Packaging machinery: cartoning; Packaging machinery: stretch wrapping; Packaging materials; Packaging products; Packaging systems; Painting equipment: airless; Painting equipment: spray; Pneumatic equipment; Pneumatic systems; Polyurethane products; Regulators: air pressure; Regulators: pneumatic; Sanders: belt; Sanders: disc; Sanders: oscillating; Sanders: portable, lectric; Sanders: portable, pneumatic; Saw blades: carbide-tipped; Saws: band, metal cutting; Saws: chain; Saws: circular; Saws: cut-off; Saws: metal cutting; Screwdrivers: pneumatic; Screwdrivers: power; Screwdrivers: torque; Screws: cap, flat head; Screws: corrosion resistant; Screws: socket head; Screws: stainless steel; Screws: tapping; Screws: washer head; Screws: wood; Solvent recovery equipment; Solvent recovery systems; Spray equipment; Staplers; Staples; Strapping: steel; Straps: nylon; Stretch wrappers; Tapes: PTFE; Tapes: carpet seaming; Tapes: cloth; Tapes: fibreglass; Tapes: insulated; Tapes: packaging; Tapes: plastic; Tapes: polypropylene; Tapes: pressure sensitive; Tapes: self-adhesive; Tapes: silicone; Tapes: vinyl; Tieline; Tools: air; Tools: carbide; Tools: electric; Tools: fasteners; Tools: industrial; Tools: pneumatic; Tools: power; Tools: woodworking; Urethane: foam (flexible & rigid); Wood: mine; Woodworking equipment
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