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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I have to pay to use Are there any fees for accessing your information?'s Buyer's Guide Online is free. There are no charges for accessing any of our information.

How many listings does contain?

Overall, contains nearly 6,000 product categories, 250,000 product and brand name listings and over 110,000 companies.

How do I know the data in is reliable?

Our data is the most reliable in the industry for two reasons:

  1. we bring over 25 years of experience in the area of data collection and verification from Scott's Directories.
  2. we spend nearly $1 million annually, gathering, verifying and re-checking our information.
4. What kinds of products, brands and companies does cover? covers primarily Canadian manufacturing and industrial companies. We list the vast majority of Canadian manufacturing firms, along with the wholesalers, distributors and agents who represent the manufacturers, and who distribute their products.
5. What kind of information does Scott's gather on the companies listed?
For most of the companies listed, we show the name, address, phone and fax numbers, senior executive, major products sold, brand names, primary S.I.C. codes, number of employees, and estimated sales revenues.
6. Does the Buyers' Guide include only Canadian companies?
Yes, for the most part.
7. Can I search for a brand name?
Yes. By inputting the full or partial brand name and selecting "Search by Brand" you will get a full listing of all companies that manufacture or distribute that brand.
8. What is a product category?
A product category is the primary description of the products made or sold by each company listed in We have over 6,000 product categories listed (and growing!). Our categories range from abrasives, to bearings, to pumps, to valves, to wood products.
9. What is an online catalog?
An online catalogue is a supplier's catalogue or product listings, placed online where users can see it. Many suppliers are finding that placing their catalogues online, in heavy-traffic sites like is a great way to be seen by more buyers, to lower their advertising costs and to keep their information more up-to-date.
10. How do you protect my personal information?
We will never re-sell or re-distribute your personal information without your express prior permission. Our servers, on which your information resides, are placed behind multiple security firewalls.
11. How much does it cost to use's listings?
That's easy - nothing!
12. How much does it cost to be listed in
Basic listings are free. However, we offer a range of paid packages to suppliers who want to improve their exposure.
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