A webcast is designed to provide information-rich content that engages potential customers for an extended period of time, while generating high-quality leads for follow-up by your sales staff. Each Web seminar is a live and/or archived online event on a topic sponsored by a single advertiser. Sponsorship allows you to position your company as the authority on a particular subject, technology or product category.

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Duration: average 20 mins. (range: 15-60 mins.)

Registration: Free to qualified registrants

Format: Featuring a senior editor acting as moderator, 1-3 sponsor-recommended expert panelists, brief remarks from the sponsor, streaming audio, and PowerPoint visuals. Web seminar program includes: set up, attendee marketing, registration, content development, production, 3-month archive

Sponsorship Package:

Topic: TBD
Date: TBD (12 weeks lead time)
Audience Reach:

  • Key executives and senior managers within an industry vertical or from across multiple industries, depending on sponsor's objectives
  • Initial planning meeting with sponsor to agree on subject, focus points, panelists
  • Sponsor can recommend an analyst and panelists
  • Polling Question: posited during Web seminar
  • Banner ads across our network of websites
  • Banner in weekly email newsletters for 8 weeks leading up to the launch
  • Exclusive email blasts to our subscribers to promote the Web seminar
  • Link to Web seminar on Home and Article pages
  • Estimated 25-40 registrants
  • Archive of web seminar for 3 months
  • Sponsor to receive list of registrants

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