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Newfoundland and Labrador signs major aquaculture deal
Grieg Newfoundland AS, part of the Norway-headquartered Grieg Group of ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/30/2015]
Another (small) win for LNG in BC
British Columbia’s (B.C.’s) big bet on liquefied natural ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/30/2015]
Corporate Response to Water Risk Deemed 'Inadequate'
Corporate efforts to prepare for and adapt to the world’s ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/30/2015]
Manitoba will be first province to enshrine environmental rights into law
Manitoba has become the first province to join the [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/23/2015]
What do Trudeau's Liberals have in store for the environment?
What will the new Liberal government’s environment agenda look ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/23/2015]
Developed-vs.-Developing Rift Rises in Climate Talks
The more than 20-year debate over the degree to which developed and ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/23/2015]
Shell gets go-ahead for deepwater exploration project
The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) has given ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/23/2015]
Banks not doing enough to assess, report carbon risk, says shareholder group
[Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/16/2015]
Report gives top marks to BC in EPR
EPR Canada has given British Columbia (B.C.) an “A” for its ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/16/2015]
Endangered Species Issues Pose Tension in Drought Response
As drought-stricken states grapple with water supply issues, water ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/16/2015]
Feds halt Montreal infrastructure maintenance work to study impact of sewage dump
Environment Canada has ordered the city of Montreal to hold it for a ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/16/2015]
COLUMN: Sustainable Development Goals and their impact on Cdn businesses
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a series of eight goals ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/09/2015]
Passing gas: BC & Alberta could cut methane emissions by 45%, says report
For a very modest $2.76 per tonne, oil and gas operators in British ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/09/2015]
Talks Under Way in Nascent Oil Export Deal
It may be a long shot, but Senate Democrats are seeking a long-term ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/09/2015]
Controversial BC coal mine takes another step forward
A British Columbia coal mine proposal that made news in 2012 for its ...   [Full Story](Subscription Required)  Ecolog Week  [10/09/2015]

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